hermetech mastering

Welcome to Hermetech Mastering

I'm a mastering engineer based in Paris, France, and I've been mastering audio for over ten years. The name "Hermetech" is a portmanteau word based on the ancient Greek "Hermes", the messenger god of science, and "Techne", which means craft or art. The idea inherent in the name is that mastering is a dynamic synthesis of art and science.

I am very happy to work with any style of music.

As a lifelong music lover with wide ranging tastes, and someone who is extremely concerned with high sound quality, I give my utmost attention to detail when mastering your music.

I am a full time mastering engineer, not a regular recording/mixing studio doing mastering work "on the side", with a space and equipment entirely dedicated to that purpose.

I spend a long time just listening to your tracks, both before and after processing, to ensure that things really do sound better. To this end, I employ a number of tools such as high quality D/A and A/D conversion, analogue compression and equalisation, and digital limiting. After processing the file I will sample rate convert if needed, and dither down to the target format for the final master, which will then be ready for pressing and distribution.

Please feel free to have a browse around the site, and don't hesitate to contact Gregg at Hermetech Mastering